Nanamee is simply the most elegant, efficient way to purchase the best stock art anywhere online.

Cafe Racer Illustrations


You’ll want to light one up and hit the throttle like Jimmy Dean on these lean machines, with all of the accessories to match—bubble mask, leather jacket and a couple beers included. Cafe Racer is a set of smooth vectors that will bring motion and attitude to your designs with a bit of grease under your nails and the wind in your face. Designed by Zeta of YouWorkForThem.

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Neue - Introducing Nanamee 2.3

With over 26,000 stock images and audio assets now available, Nanamee firmly cements its status as one of the most vital sources of stock art anywhere online, and with all of the updates that have been made within the last month, it just keeps getting better. Here’s what’s new in Nanamee Version 2.3:

Site search has been optimized, resulting in 4x faster search results, and with Pinterest integration built in, you can now easily pin products simply by clicking the “Pin It” button. Also, with Twitter Card integration now enabled, clicking the “Tweet” button now attaches the image via Twitter’s latest code enhancements.

You can now log in to Nanamee using your YouWorkForThem account, and you can still use your Facebook account to log in to Nanamee with ease, as well as easily share content to Facebook with customized sharing integration. This is ideally suited for designers to promote their own products, posting a customized, high resolution image into a folder named “Nanamee.com” on your Facebook account. These images are automatically formatted and sized just for Facebook, and are still protected with the subtle Nanamee watermark.

Audio files are now able to be tagged with Genres, enabling customers to sort files by Genre when searching. Audio files also now have automatic BPM detection (beta), which the designer/seller can also choose to customize with their own value.

Designers can now see how many times their files have been downloaded and viewed in the Manage Products area, as well as the Products page. Also, if for some reason an image upload did not complete correctly, you now have the option to regenerate the images. Look for this button in your Manage Products area and on the products page.

Also on the product pages, not only do you see related products listed below, but you also now have the ability to load “more designs by this designer.”

Last but not least, we now have an early public beta API available for developers who want to access custom feeds from Nanamee. Contact us if you’re interested.

The New(er) Nanamee. Because with better stock art, everything you do gets better. Be Better.


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The New Nanamee


Since its inception in 2009, Nanamee has grown to include over 25,000 curated stock images, vectors and audio, in a community that has grown to over 10,000 members. 

Now, we are very proud to present The New Nanamee, and we hope you’ll agree with us that it is simply the most elegant, efficient way to purchase the best stock art online. 

First up, the obvious—Nanamee now comes in a full-width layout, and you can now purchase items right from the thumbnail, thus making the shopping process a one-click transaction. If you have credits in your account, you can simply fly through the site selecting beautiful images, vectors and audio. Think of it like a prepaid phone card, rather than a shopping cart. We think this presents a much more efficient way to browse Nanamee’s massive stock library.

The interface is now sortable by media type at any point, and everything has been re-optimized. The images are much larger, resulting in huge previews in both “thumbnail” and “page” mode. Audio files now show runtime/duration in the file title, as well as Genre/ BPM details. There is also a new “Shuffle” sort option, which can be a great way to find inspiration for your designs.

Also, Nanamee is now powered by all-new credit pricing options, with packages as low as 70 cents per credit! Credit is available for purchase with any major Credit Card and/or PayPal.

The New Nanamee has been completely re-coded, which has increased the speed of the site by a factor of 5x, and all of the account areas have have been overhauled. “Likes” are much easier to add, view, and navigate, and “Follow” is much easier as well, with all-new sort and filter capabilities for designers you are subscribed to. You can also now log in to Nanamee using either your YouWorkForThem or Facebook account.

Sellers can now upload 20 files at a time—no more “one by one” restrictions, and the tool for adding new stock has been made faster and more efficient. Sales reports are now easier to read, and you can now export to CSV for use in your own local software/records. The new profile page design follows the new full-width layout.

Finally, thousands of new items have been uploaded into Nanamee from our exclusive YouWorkForThem stock library. For the first time ever, you can now buy these items individually, outside of their standard sets on YouWorkForThem.

And there you have it, folks. The New Nanamee. It’s live right now. Get over there and start downloading. Because with better stock art, you design better stuff, and that’s what we think 2013 is all about: Being Better.

Sellers - Keywords Update

Sellers, we applied a little patch to the keywords feature when uploading/editing your products. You can now paste in your keyword values, and we have brought back the ability to add an unlimited amount of keywords (please use with care). This should really help when you are wanting to add multiple items at once, that are similar in the same theme. Enjoy!


Let us all give a warm welcome to one of our newest designers, Strangedesign from Singapore.

Keywords Update

Attention Sellers - We just applied some updates to the Keywords feature. You can now enter up to 20 keywords per upload, as well as enter keywords as short as 2 characters (ahem, 3D!). Enjoy…

30,000 Downloads & Counting…

So, today we were reviewing some internal stats of our first 8 months online and things are looking quite amazing! As of today, we now offer over 19,000 Royalty-Free ImagesVectors and Audio files. Plus, we have provided over 30,000 downloads of those files to customers in over 40 different countries!

And we are just getting started, oh yes…

The Coolest Just Got Cooler

Earlier this year, Nanamee brought the style, as the coolest stock media site on the intertubes. As the sister company to YouWorkForThem, the world-renowned font & design shop, Nanamee already had a top-notch upbringing. Now, we welcome you to the New Nanamee: not even a year old and already all grown up. The first thing you’ll notice is the design, as Nanamee now more closely resembles the sister ship. This is for a reason, as now the two sites are more closely linked, with YWFT handling fonts, and NANA handling stock. Two halves of the same coin, as it were. There’s a few other changes in the interface, already sped up dramatically and updated just a month ago. First off, there is a new QuickView feature for Stock Vectors and Images, allowing you to browse much more quickly. Second, there is a new QuickAdd function for Stock Audio, allowing for you to browse and add to your Cart more easily. Finally, for Nanamee designers, all of your information is now gathered under the “You” section. Cheers!

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