IPTC & EXIF Support

Today we deployed a site update to support IPTC & EXIF data on all contributors image uploads. So, if you already have IPTC data added to your images, this will map directly over to our Title, Description and Keywords fields when uploading. We are also saving the full data for both EXIF & IPTC in our databases and will soon output these details on the image product pages.

Note, previous image uploads have already been scanned and saved, so there is nothing extra you need to do with your previous uploads.


Contributors: Custom Pricing

Another great update just deployed for Contributors to Nanamee is the new custom pricing ability. That’s right, you can now enter any price from $0 up to $999 for your image uploads. Feel free to modify previously posted images in your account, or test it out by uploading all new images and select your own pricing rate.

As well, free items now have the ability for customers to purchase an extended license. So if a customer downloads your free image, but then wants to use it in an extended license type of use, they can now purchase that option.


Prepaid Credits with No Expiration

This month you are going to be seeing loads of amazing changes at Nanamee, and today we have big news. Today we launched a complete restructuring to our prepaid credits system and business model. In the past, credits you purchased with us would expire after 1 years time, a common practice on most stock image websites. When we recently started thinking how can we make Nanamee better, our first thought was no more prepaid credits that expire. So as of today, when you buy prepaid credits with Nanamee, they will never expire. As well, we are going to go the extra step and enable all previously expired credits. That’s right, if you had previously purchased credits that already expired, you will now see these added back to your account.

We hope you enjoy this new approach, and we look forward to announcing all the other amazing changes happening at Nanamee.


Important Changes for Sellers

Attention Nanamee Vector & Audio Designers

This is a quick message to let you know that we will be discontinuing sales of vectors and audio, as we shift to stock images only. Uploads of vectors and audio will be disabled this week, and will be going offline on February 1.

This decision is based entirely on sales trends of the last few years, and we think we can better succeed if we narrow our focus.

If you would like to sell vectors or audio with us on YouWorkForThem, please send submissions and details to ideas@youworkforthem.com, and we will review your work for the YWFT storefront. More details can be found on YouWorkForThem.

Thank you for being part of Nanamee!


New Blog Location for Nanamee

Just a quick hello to say this is our new blog location, now on our own servers. More details on all the changes coming  in 2015, and all new features focused around all the new stock images going live.